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Welcome to Hollye!

Hi and welcome to a new branch (no pun intended) of Maxwell Studios – Hollye. As a subsidiary of Maxwell Studios, Hollye offers living art design advice and some products to bring the outdoors in. What is living art? It is terrariums, paludariums, succulent container gardens, living walls, and design using house plants. Hollye also offers workshops, consultations, pre-built terrariums, and original botanical art paintings and prints for your walls.

The reason behind naming this branch of the business Hollye, besides being the first name of the founder, is that it seems to fit with the idea of a garden-themed business arm of our design studios. Holly, without the “e” was considered a symbol of eternal life and fertility and thought to have magical powers – if only! Many thanks to Wikipedia. The latin name, Ilex, includes about 480 species. Amazing, don’t you think? Ilex comes in many forms much like the many designs and products Hollye offers. Contact us for a free design consultation. We also offer interior design as well as outdoor garden design through Maxwell Studios.

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